⚜️Review 'Irina's Eye'⚜️

📖Title: Irina's Eye
📖Author: H.W. Freedman
📖Pages: 190
Bavaria, West Germany, 1948-- He should have known. If only he had trusted his intuition. That was the problem, telling the difference between intuition and fear, and he was not about to give into fear. There was no time; they had to flee and it had to be in that moment or they might never have another opportunity. They ran into the night." -- Vaclav and Irina, both age fifteen, flee from behind the Iron Curtain. Irina is shot in the back and falls. He goes to help her but as he takes her in his arms another bullet enters her head and at that moment she orders him "Go!". He puts her down gently and runs. He reaches West Germany, then he travels to Rome and to New York in his quest for enlightenment and freedom from the guilt that haunts him for his soulmate Irina's fate.

📖My opinion:
The beginning of the story really catches my attention. Irina and Vaclav are on the run.
Right there we get to know the strong relationship between these two.
But it's only Vaclav who can escape during the war.
After that Vaclav tries to find new love but he can't forget his dead girlfriend Irina.
Personally I liked the story because there you can see what it means to loose someone special.
Those supernatural parts in the book were somehow confusing and they didn't fit very well.
But I also have to highlight the fact that I enjoyed reading the book and I didn't regret it.

📖In conclusion:
It's a well written book and I liked it although it is not my usual genre.

➡️All in all: 🌟3 of 5 stars🌟⬅️

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.



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